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23 days ago at 6:09 am
Seriously, who the hell would want to remember this abomination of a grind? It gives me shivers just looking at it, never mind having it as a background!
35 days ago at 6:42 pm
:D uploaded this years ago, had no idea it ever be rated this high
55 days ago at 7:06 pm
Shouldn't it see itself as a queen? That's what pawns can turn into...
63 days ago at 10:13 am
Wow I love this!
82 days ago at 4:32 am
What, did a winged demon just smash into a wall and stick there for a thousand years?
85 days ago at 7:39 pm
I'm Gamzee.
111 days ago at 5:46 am
Console peasants can only dream of a wallpaper like this. All hale GabeN
116 days ago at 9:35 am
Miku really needs to defragment her room.
118 days ago at 11:09 pm
Hey, look, a new bot named wallbot. And it comes with a sweet new theme!

jk. thanks for the wallpapers.
126 days ago at 12:21 am
Welcome to the glory...
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