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10 days ago at 8:41 pm

Shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Come on now.
12 days ago at 4:07 pm
I'd like to send this to 50 mg zoloft for ocd Like the Triangle factory fire, the Rana Plaza building collapse was also preceded by a number of other fires and almost a decade of worker-led organizing for better wages and conditions. In 2006, garment workers filled the streets of Dhaka in the first and largest public protest since the garment market boom in the 1970s. Demanding better wages, workers protested for a month, pushing the government to finally establish a wage commission. Four years later, the minimum wage was raised to $38 a month, an 80 percent increase, but still the lowest wage for garment workers in the world.
12 days ago at 3:24 pm
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12 days ago at 2:42 pm
Nice to meet you where can you buy minoxidil in canada And in return for Strub’s help on Pearl Harbor, the producers changed an entire character. Initially, Lt Col Doolittle was described as “a boorish, oafish type of fellow”. By the time Alec Baldwin played him on screen, he had transformed into somebody who was far more sympathetic.
12 days ago at 2:03 pm
I didn't go to university order topiramate “It’s going to be a little bit of a process, no matter when that first time he plays. But we just keep moving it forward, because Carl is a dominant player and we need to get him back.”
12 days ago at 1:22 pm
A pension scheme order azithromycin online Codelco, whose premiums are seen as an industry benchmark,wants the rate to reflect a strong market, chiefly buoyed bysurprisingly robust demand from China. But it cannot stray toofar the numbers that have already been quoted, the source added.
14 days ago at 7:18 am
This wendigo looks too tough for me, I need to grind on a few Lich Kings and Death Wings before I can take this worthy foe on!
22 days ago at 1:16 am

Well WoW is over 15 years old so I mean they're doing pretty good for their age. *trys to think of any other games going that strong and can only think of the pokemon franchise without resorting to things like madden NFL and other sports games* Oh maybe Halo has been around that long I'd have to double check but they come out with whole new ones with updated graphics and stuff don't think WoW has ever done that. Although I hear there once was a game before WoW that was just called Warcraft.

... Warcraft did come before WoW. Literally Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, Warcraft 2 and it's expansion, and Warcraft 3 and it's expansion.

WoW itself is going to be ten years old as of this november, celebrating it's 10th anniversary shortly after Warlords of Draenor launches.
22 days ago at 1:00 am
A wendigo in Dun Morough?

... Would someone take this over things like, say, the Lich King or Deathwing?
22 days ago at 12:11 am
Courser of Kruphix.
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